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sports combine

training & draft preparation program

What does it take to be a successful athlete on any level? YES, consistent
preparation at all levels. Within the Sports Combine Training and Draft
Preparation Program at Precision Athletic Corps every athlete no matters their
athletic profession receives a wealth of knowledge and skills training
spiritually, mentally and physically designed and catered to their specific sport.
You have coaches, scouts, and recruiters on every sports level searching for the
next best athlete for their system. It is very important that an athlete is given
the right tools to succeed base on their individuality as an athlete and personal
needs spiritually, mentally and physically.

At the PAC each athlete will work with our comprehensive training, expertise,

and methodology to maximize their recruiting/draft potential. They will take
part in all the programs designed to prepare athletes for every physical
measurement, interview, position-specific drill, medical examination, agility
test, and speed assessment. The results from our proven training methods will
take you to the next level, guaranteed.

The program

The Program Includes on & off the field, court and diamond training with Zedrick Carter & Andrew Ramsey – Certified Sports Performance Specialist / Strength & Conditioning Coaches 


Prepares each athlete in the classroom, gym and on the field to dominate combine-specific drills and become more knowledgeable of their position or potential position at the next level.


Stamina & Endurance Training

Spiritually, mentally and physically allows athletes to maintain a high energy level for all

physical and mental tests throughout the entirety of a combine


Strength & Power Training

Spiritually, mentally and physically provide each athlete with the ability to become stronger

and move objects with speed


Speed & Agility Training

Spiritually, mentally and physically encompasses laser-focused training that breaks down each athlete’s running mechanics to improve sprint times and other agility tests



Dr. Sharon Bruner

This teaches athletes how to tell their story and how to effectively and confidently communicate with recruiters, scouts, head coaches, and GM’s. The Wonderlic prep is for mainly a football athlete which teaches strategies needed to score high on the NFL administered Wonderlic exam. Dr. Bruner’s
role will be to ensure that the athletes that matriculate through this program will gain the proper social skills necessary to present themselves publically in a professional manner. The skills the athletes will focus on building are interviewing, positive communication, anger management, the importance of being a team player, proper leadership skills, confidence building, respect and integrity as well as organizational skills. The purpose of teaching the athletes these skills is to prepare them to market themselves to the public as both exceptional athletes and professional young men.

Dr. Nicole Woods

This provides each athlete with a Holistic Sports Medicine & Endocrinology Assessment to identify nutritional deficiencies, system weaknesses and creates supplement protocols that will allow athletes to sustain high levels of performance, as well as superb results with healing orthopedic & neuromuscular conditions.

To maximize results, Dr. Woods skillfully combines Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Manual Therapy, and Herbal/Natural medicines for the treatment of pain and injuries as well as wellness lectures on injury prevention and diet. This thoughtful, integrative approach provides consistently excellent results
even for athletes who have tried single-modality treatments without success. As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Woods also empowers each athlete to understand how simple lifestyle & self-care (such as breathing, posture, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress & emotions) can greatly enhance one’s self-healing abilities and prevent future illness or injury. 


Dr. Kurt McDonald of Genesis Sports Rehab and Zak Wallace
of Local Green Atlanta Eatery & Meal Prep works closely with Dr. Woods to provide these services as well.

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