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Precision athletics elite performance training

Whether it’s developing top-level athletes or helping individuals reach fitness and lifestyle goals, PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS strives to provide the highest quality of training to each and every individual or team. PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS defines success through evaluating, designing, and implementing individual programs that exceed the expectations of each of its athletes/teams, personal training and extended re-habilitation clients.


PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS Sports Performance Training Programs

Improve performance and decrease your risk for injury with performance training at PRECISION ATHLETIC CORPS Sports Performance Training. We focus on providing individualized training based on your goals and the demands of your sport or lifestyle.

Programs are created to improve performance by building strength and power, while also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury. By training movements for sports and life, Athletes’ Performance focuses on creating greater functional movement to support the physical demands athletes face in sports, and firefighters, police officers, and military personnel face in the line of duty, in addition to the physical demands of everyday life.

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What does it take to be a successful 1st Responder/Civil Servant (Tactical Athlete) on any level whether it’s your local community, government or statewide? YES, consistent preparation at all levels.Within the 1st Responder/Civil Servant Lifestyle Training and Field Preparation Program with Precision Athletic Corps (PAC) every 1st Responder/Civil Servant no matter their profession receives a wealth of knowledge and skilled training within fitness and health. This is done spiritually, mentally and physically designed and catered to their specific career. You have civilians in need for trust, support and safety from their first responders and civil servants. It is imperative that the proper tools are provided to succeed individually and as a civil servant. 

At PAC we engage our civil servants to work with our comprehensive training, expertise and methodology to maximize their potential. They will take part in all the programs designed to prepare for every physical measurement, community involvement, position- specific drill, medical examination, agility test and speed assessment. The results from our proven training methods will take you to the next level, guaranteed. 

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First Responders


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